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Web experience has evolved from omnichannel to experience driven commerce. Creating meaningful experiences, reducing dropouts, increasing conversions are key success factors to digitally survive today. If you are looking to revamp your website with a fresh new look and feel or if you don’t have a website, we can help you create a professional website within your budget. We offer WordPress / Drupal based websites as well as custom built responsive websites developed using AngularJS, ReactJS and NodeJS. We can deliver customized designs for each and every page of your website. We can also integrate your website with Google analytics, Google Maps, all social media platforms, Payment gateways and any other third party websites or applications.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWAs are catching up as Gartner predicted that 50% of the general purpose, consumer facing mobile apps would be replaced by Progressive Web Apps by 2020. A progressive web app delivers an app-like experience to the users through a browser, while using modern web technologies that are reliable, fast and engaging. PWA provides faster loading time compared to traditional web apps, it also provides push notification services which is a missing part in the traditional web apps, background content updating, content caching and many more. 

Some examples of how PWA delivers – Uber’s PWA is fast even on 2G network and takes only approx. 3 seconds to load, Forbes’ previous site loads in approx. 6.5 seconds while the PWA loads in approx. 2.5 seconds.

If you are thinking to build a PWA or convert your existing web app to a progressive web app, we can help. We have the requisite skills to build PWAs using ReactNative, Flutter, Ionic platforms. You can also hire people from us on hourly basis to deliver part or whole of a project.

Single page application (SPA)

Single page application is a modern web application (or a website), which has literally just one page and within the one page, all the business functionalities of the application are delivered. When a user navigates around the application or website, the page does not reload fully and only new data are reflected or updated in specific areas of the website. Gmail web version is a good example of an SPA. The navigation pane of Gmail does not change while browsing through the application but only specific functions of the page is loaded (instead of loading the whole page), when a user triggers any action within the page.

The advantages of SPA include:

– SPA is faster than the traditional web apps

– It delivers a better user experience

– It has caching capabilities to deliver faster and offline experience

– SPA provides a common backend system enabling to develop a mobile app easily using the same backend

We provide building SPAs having skilled workforce on AJAX, Angular JS and React JS. You can also hire people from us on hourly basis to deliver part or whole of a project.

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