yes, We sell experiences

We work with the renowned brands by helping them with the Digital Technology experiences to compete on Experience. We create the digital experience with strategy, research, human-centered design and digital technologies to deliver a delightful experience. We leverage a combination of open source and commercial technologies to balance the cost and business objectives of our clients.

Who we are

We deliver the digital experience that you customers need today and help you compete not on selling products but on selling experiences! We are the digital experts to lead you to an experience right from designing a strategy, road-map, building the digital architecture, creating the stunning designs that your customers would love and engage with your business more. 

Flexible pricing and always aim to lower the total cost of ownership for our clients | We always deliver a tailored solution to each client | Dedicated Client Service Manager | Go extra mile to delight clients | Aim for long term partnership | Always serving ONLY Small and Mid Size Enterprises

We serve Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SME). This is our speciality serve the SMEs and we understand the pain points of SMEs, what and how they should engage the customers to deliver the experiences.

North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, India

Experience Driven Digital Technology Services

Stunning Website for startups

Build an amazing website 60% cheaper jam packed with features that your customers would love!  We have the most exciting offers for building an amazing looking website if you are running a startup. 


Our out of the box eCommerce solution is jam packed with all the features you need to create winning eCommerce platform and start selling your products. You can also own a beautiful and fully featured online store with a B2C mobile app providing a greater reach to your customers. We have the expertise in world’s leading E-commerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce (WordPress). We also can build a customized platform for your needs.

Mobile App

Create a meaningful experience for your customers, employees, suppliers faster and launch it within 30 to 60 days. We help clients creating the user journeys, human-centered design to get started creating a delightful experience.  Our expertise includes native and hybrid technologies powered by strong backend / API driven development. Want to validate your idea with an app?

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Digital Infrastructure Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Monitor your website or ecommerce site to stay informed on any outage so that you do not lose valuable customers. We deploy Nagios to automate the monitoring.

Server Monitoring

Leveraging Nagios we monitor, all types of servers including Linux, Unix, Windows, OS to perform granular level of monitoring

Protocol Monitoring

Using Nagios we monitor HTTP, DNS, FTP, SMTP, SSH etc. protocols.

Application Monitoring

We monitor any web application, cloud application, OS services, web transactions through Nagios tool.

Network Monitoring

We monitor Routers, switches, LAN, WAN, Ports, firewall, network performance, network protocols, by using Nagios.

Log Monitoring

Log monitoring includes system log, OS event log, Syslog, Security log, audit log, using Nagios monitoring tool

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